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Our training model is reflective of our mission to create experiential learning opportunities for incubators, students and businesses with transferable and transportable skill sets for tomorrow’s leaders.


Why learn at
The Bulb?

Have you ever considered taking a career in software development, or needed that extra push moving from a junior developer to becoming a world class senior developer. Here are three reasons why The Bulb is the right place for you.

Training experience 👌
We recruit the best facilitators to groom, nuture and upskill you with transferrable skill sets for tomorrow's leaders.
Paid learning 💸
Get paid while you learn to code. We carefully select the best resources from around the web, and we have also taken care to ensure majority of the resources are free.
Outstanding community 💻
We also provide you with an amazing workspace environment to enhance growth, all our developers have been trained, tested and certified to deliver outstanding work.

Building the next big thing.

The Bulb Africa is facilitating the best training yet in the continent of Africa. Through its diverse learning and training network, they are producing the next big thing in the software engineering world.

With the best intermediaries, The Bulb is poised towards sending into the market amazing and bright minds that can solve problems and proffer the best solutions using software applications

The Cohorts share their many projects on the site for contributions and further learning. This next big thing is out to hold the world spell bound. Take a ride with us!!!

Empowering the next

generation of innovatives

and startups.